All about Zenith!~

Hello, I'm Zenith! I'm a non-binary catgirl who loves retro computing, music, art, and a whole bunch of other stuff!
I'm also learning programming and animation, at least trying to teach myself. I'm also learning to speak Japanese!
I have a lovely wife who has a similar website that you can visit using the AshieCorner badge on my sidebar


8 cats! Blue (RIP), age 21. Kimchi, age 14. Kaiju, age 13. Morgan (RIP), age 12. Rorschach, age 12. Danica, age 11. Sparta, age 10. Berlioz, age 10. Smokey, age ??(6-8). Tenebris, 3.
2 dogs! Schafer, age 6. Mochi, age 1.

I know it sounds like it'd be hard to manage so many animals but it's really not, at least for my family. Everybody gets along and keeps their personal space and there's usually a different cat in every room!

Programs I use

FL Studio
PaintTool Sai 2.0
RealWorld Cursor Editor
VMWare Workstation
Zone Builder

These are the programs I regularly use for art, music, code, and plenty of other things like creating SRB2 levels and using virtual machines.

Favorite games!

Half-Life (1 and 2!)
Kitten Burst
Portal (1 and 2!)
Sonic Mania
Sonic Robo Blast 2
The Sims 4
Trackmania United Forever

These are most of my favorite games! There's lots of variety, from shooters and sims to speed and platforming. I guess I have pretty varied tastes.

PC specs

Windows 10 (modded to resemble Win7)
Fedora Linux+KDE (on a second HDD)
4TB portable HDD
AMD Ryzen 7 5800
nVidia RTX 2060 Super
32GB DDR4-3200 RAM

I'll have to admit my family saved up for years to afford this PC and any attempt I make at saying how grateful I am is still an understatement. Games look and run beautifully and it can handle all of my programs way better than my old laptop!

Other tech!

Type Name Model Status
unnamed Atari 800 XL Functional, Usable
unnamed NTSC Nintendo Entertainment System Functional, Usable
Saturn Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Functional, Usable
Pulsar Toshiba NB505 Functional, Usable, Dead Batt.
Atom Sony PSP 3000 (Mystic Silver) Functional, Usable
Starlight Alienware Aurora R10 Functional, Usable
Orion Dell Inspiron 1525 Functional, Usable, Dead Batt.
unnamed IBM Thinkpad T21 Functional, Usable, Dead Batt.
Quasar HP iPAQ HW6915 Functional, Usable
Nebula iPhone XS Max Functional, Unusable, Broken Digitizer
Nebula //e iPhone 15 Pro Max Functional, Usable
Drift iPhone 6 Plus Not Functional, Unusable
Electron iPhone 3G S Functional, Usable
unnamed Motorola Razr V1 Functional, Usable
unnamed iPod Mini Functional, Usable
unnamed 1st Gen iPod Nano Functional, Usable
raspberryjam Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB Not Functional, Unusable
UNO Arduino Uno R4 Functional, Usable
DOS Arduino Uno R4 Functional, Usable
unnamed Yamaha PSR-330 General MIDI Keyboard Functional, Usable

I have quite the variety of electronics, dating all the way back to the 80's! I have music equipment, phones, laptops and a PDA. Somehow I still find a use for all of them even in today's vastly superior age of technology.